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CVevals 🔎

cvevals is a framework for evaluating the results of computer vision models.

Roboflow evaluations is a Python package for evaluating computer vision models.

Using evaluations, you can:

  1. Compare ground truth to a Roboflow model to benchmark and visualize model performance on images in bulk;
  2. Test different Grounding DINO prompts to see which one most effectively annotates a specified class in an image;
  3. Test different CLIP prompts to see which one most effectively classifies an image, and;
  4. Evaluate resuts of different confidence levels for active learning.

Performance is measured using an aggregate of the following metrics:

  • Precision
  • Recall
  • F1 Score

The following data formats are supported:

  • YOLOv5 PyTorch TXT (object detection, segmentation)
  • Multiclass Classification TXT (multi-class classification)
  • Classification Folder (single-class classification)


Evaluators in the CVevals package return the precision, accuracy, and f1 score of model performance.

In addition, an output/ folder will be created with two subfolders:

  1. images: Images with ground truth and predictions (only for object detection models)
  2. matrices: Confusion matrices for each class. aggregate.png shows an aggregate confusion matrix for the model.

Here is an example confusion matrix from the output/matrices folder:

Confusion matrix

Here is an example of an image with ground truth and predictions from the output/images folder:

Image of two cola bottles with ground truth and predictions

Prompt Comparison

When you compare two prompts and/or confidence levels using the function, the results will be printed to the console, like so:

Console output of prompt comparison

Getting Started

To get started, clone the repository and install the required dependencies:

git clone
cd cvevals
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -e .

Now you're ready to use CVevals!